Insurance Agents are the fuel for tomorrow’s sales.

We are in the independent insurance brokerage market, which means independent life and health insurance agents get to choose what life insurance carriers and which marketing organizations they wish to work with. So, it is up to us to help life insurance carriers find the best agents across the entire United States. In turn, it is also up to us to make sure the independent agents across the country are aware and know about the new products that are coming out.

Thus, agent recruitment is a crucial part of the business. Premier Planning works with carriers to ensure that they are prepared to contract or license the amount of agents our distribution can recruit at one time. It is key to set the proper expectations and have a fair and streamlined rollout of new products to ensure that everyone within a carrier’s distribution has an equal opportunity to recruit and honor commission requirements.

Premier Planning takes agent recruitment very seriously and consults with the top carriers in the Senior Market on agent recruitment.