Premier Planning is thrilled to now offer Preneed Insurance! 

Preneed is an outstanding product for both funeral homes and the communities they serve as they have many advantages.

Benefits for families:

  • The family will know final wishes:  Unfortunately, families often experience disputes and hard feelings when arranging for a loved one’s death.  Disagreements can be caused by unclear and contradicting memories of loved one’s wishes.  Families don’t have to guess at what was wanted if plans are made ahead of time.
  • Urgent Decisions are made now:  There are over one hundred decisions and tasks that must be completed within the first 48 hours after a loved one’s passing?   The ability to know everything is taken care of will allow proper remembrance and first steps of healing.
  • Peace of Mind:  The family can know that when they are needed, plans will be taken care of.  There is a peace knowing final wishes will be executed as the loved one would want them.
  • Funeral Costs are locked in:  Inflation drives up the cost of funerals every year.  Prefunding and preplanning your final wishes locks in today’s prices and lifts the burden of payment off of loved ones.  People assume life insurance or savings will cover final expenses, but funerals must be paid upfront and insurance policies or bank accounts aren’t accessible to families right away.

Benefits for Funeral Homes:

  • Having Preneed options allows funeral homes the ability to serve every final need for the families in their communities.
  • Different preneed products ensure that there is always a product to fit varying situations.
  • A Preneed option expands the funeral home’s business.
  • Funeral homes today may look at the future and changes in the insurance industry and think of it as daunting, but that’s the opportunity.  The future for preneed in this country is very strong.  This is something that, as the next generations come, puts the funeral homes in the right position to really supply for the demand.