Premier Planning focuses on agent training that is easy to apply.

We take training very seriously; because within the independent agent distribution channel, training is a variable in which we stand above the competition. Fortunately and unfortunately, life insurance companies no longer focus on captive markets nor provide lots of training for agents. This creates a market for companies like ours. It is our role to create distribution for insurance companies and provide the needed support and training.

The worst thing we could do would be to provide you with a product and cut you loose to make a sale without training. At Premier Planning, we don’t work that way. We believe that Agents should have comprehensive training resources, sales systems and support.

We have made it easy to get trained – you can read, listen or even watch training videos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by using our innovative training materials. A few examples include:
We have created a comprehensive, turn-key marketing system to help you be successful in offering the Legacy Safeguard service and our industry leading Final Expense Solutions to your clients and the community that you serve. If you study this information and apply all of the techniques that we have outlined for you, there is no doubt that you will be successful in offering the Legacy Safeguard service.
At Legacy Safeguard University, you will find tools for every part of the sales process. These are proven techniques that will help you serve more clients, close more sales and increase your income all at the same time.




In addition to online training, we have industry-leading National Marketing Directors who offer a hands-on approach to support you through every part of the sales process including supplies, contracting, new business, leads and marketing collateral.

We offer ground breaking and engaging Webinars

Premier Planning offers Webinars for in-depth product details and agent training purposes.  Webinars are an incredibly convenient, easy and efficient way to gather together numerous people in various regions across the globe for the same purpose.  The amazing advancement of technology has bridged the gap between individuals so that they can meet wherever they are as long as there is an Internet connection.

Offering regular Webinar trainings promotes simplicity.  We simplify your experiences by bringing our personal training right to your desk.  Our trainings give you the opportunity to sharpen and perfect sales techniques and approaches.  We also explain product information in detail to assist you in better understanding; which, in turn, leads to higher sales.

There is no other national marketing company who creates, hosts and designs webinars like we do. Make sure you preview our Webinar Calendar for webinars that you are interested in attending. CLICK HERE to view.Agent-Training1